Product Manager

Stampede Presentation Products
South Bend, Indiana

We are looking for a driven individual to join our team as a Product Manager in our South Bend, Indiana location. As product manager, you play an integral role and will lead all aspects of the product line management. You will also develop product line strategies to support Stampede’s business goals.

In this role, you will be instrumental in managing a complete line of luxury tech products and appliances for mobile living. You will manage the relationship with suppliers, internal staff, and other stakeholders. You must have strong communication skills – both oral and written, to negotiate and manage agreements, renewals and pricing policies with vendor account. You enjoy providing customers with exceptional service, have the ability to multitask and perform well under pressure.

Duties and Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

  • The person will have responsibility for approving purchase orders submitted by customer to Stampede
  • Reviewing product placement orders from customer in Hong Kong and making recommendations to senior Stampede management on what products to order
  • Reviewing the cost of the product against projected sales process to ensure that costings are correct
  • Reviewing purchase orders submitted from customers to ensure that we have sufficient stock on hand as well as understand customers production schedules to ensure that we have sufficient stock on hand for anticipate stock orders
  • Understand customer's product life cycle and which products are being discontinued and which products are being replaced with newer versions and which products are interchangable
  • Advising customer's product management team on expected shortages in products
  • Reporting to Stampede Senior management / customer's senior management on slow moving stock and overstock positions and generating reports
  • Management of pipleline of products that are expected to be received and updating schedules of product
  • Working with customer sales team and Stampede sales teams to advise them when new product is expected to be received
  • Working with rest of Stampede and customer team to allocate stock to OEMs
  • Working with OEMs and customer sales team to understand medium term sales pipeline and expected demand for new products
  • Designing systems and procedures to ensure that Stampede has sufficient stock on hand to meet customer orders while minimizing overall working capital investment
  • Working with operations team on optimal locations of items in warehouse i.e. making sure fast moving items or slow moving items are located in appropriate positions

Required Background:

  • Master’s degree or 10+ years’ experience in forecasting and production planning.
  • Strong Business acumen
  • Supply chain experience
  • Product acquisition experience
  • Demand Planning experience
  • Exceptional math skills
  • Proficient in Excel